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I THOUGHT he prized genuineness above lipstick and high-heels

I thought Sotonye was done and dusted and he prized genuineness and thoughtfulness above lipstick and high-heels.

Efe Anaughe

What! Teju, here? My heart raced, pumping sporadically as I felt a shot of adrenaline go straight to my brain. Oh yes you got that right, I was having a panic attack. It was just two days to the last Monday of the month and I had Domestic Violence Anonymous, the support group I ran every last Monday of the month through a non-profit Organisation, Warien Rose Foundation and in between there was my Radio show, Love Bug on Unilag 103.1fm on Saturdays. I had too much to do and I certainly was not expecting ‘love sick Teju’ I thought disparagingly.

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How did he find my office sef? I grumbled under my breath. “Hello Tobs, surprise!” Teju said strolling in like he owned the place. “I must say I am, what are you doing here?” I asked unable to conceal my curiosity. “Well I was passing by (I rolled my eyes, oh no not that old worn out line, I grimaced) and decided to say hello,” he finished, grinning at my antics, unashamedly using his dimples to advantage. No wonder Debby was so smitten she didn’t stand a chance, the poor dear.

Unfortunately in spite of his boyish charm he just wasn’t my type. “Actually it’s true, I am on my way to New York and thought it will be nice to pop in and say hello. Maybe we can do dinner?” He asked charmingly. I nodded, what was the harm? He said he was passing through. I insisted on meeting him at the Restaurant when he offered to come pick me. I wasn’t going to take chances bringing him to my home and have him pop in at will, like Rick and Dennis do which is quite annoying and frustrating. He suggested I make the selection and I chose a new place in town, Lekki axis to be precise.

I didn’t go to any familiar place or anywhere near my place of abode, I didn’t want to risk running into someone I knew. I took a cab and asked the cab man to wait so he can take me back home.

As soon as I walked into the Restaurant, I stopped in my track in shock, as I made eye contact with Rick. Rick is here, dining with a woman! I went through panic, anger, jealousy and finally struggled to suppress the most cunning, I shouldn’t say this but who am I fooling? Envy! There sitting across the room was Rick with Sotonye! I can’t miss that beautifully chiseled face and flawless skin, even from where I stood her skin shone.

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You do remember Sotonye, right? Ok for those of you who know nothing about her; Sotonye the plotting, crafty b*tch is Rick’s Babymama! Her laugh floated through the air as I walked in. Everything happened within split seconds. Teju appeared from nowhere and his low whistle and hungry gaze assuaged my bruised ego.

When I looked at Ricks’ table he was glaring at us with a thunderous expression. I turned to Teju and gave him a kiss on the lips which was a shock and surprise to him, he was pleased. I looked at him wearily, what have I done now? It’s all because of that arrogant… I was upset. Rick has the kind of face that gets attention, the sudden pause in a person’s expression when they look his way, followed by his nonchalant gaze and a weak smile.

Of course the shy look that accompanies it is a dead giveaway. It doesn’t help that he is sometimes modest about it; it makes the girls fall for him all the more I guess. No doubt an act that works for him! I thought Sotonye was done and dusted and he prized genuineness and thoughtfulness above lipstick and high-heels.

I knew I looked alluring. I wore a super cute, sparkling, beaded dress, completely covered with red and crystal stones; strapless, sweetheart bodice-tulle. The full skirt was made from cut tulle that was a puffy ball gown mini party banger. I felt so good, I tasted it. Like Elvis Presley once said, “I’m not trying to be sexy. It’s just my way of expressing myself when I move around”.

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