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I’ve been longing to be queen since I was 12 – Lizzy Adoga


After a keen contest at the Face of Prestige beauty pageant held at Rockview Hotel, Apapa, Lagos on Saturday August 25, a Business Administration student of Augustine University, Elizabeth Adoga, emerged winner. She trounced 10 other contestants to clinch the crown.

Speaking on her victory, Adoga said: “I am excited I won. I knew I was going to win and this is a special moment for me. I did not win because I was the prettiest girl but by the special grace of God and the confidence he has bestowed on me. In this chat, the queen opens up on growing up and how supermodel, Agbani Darego had inspired her, among other issues. Enjoy it.

How do you feel being crowned the Face of Prestige?

I feel awesome. I am over- whelmed and speechless. I just want to say ‘thank you God’.

Did you believe you could win when you stepped on the stage this evening?

I did. Really I did. I knew I was going to win. It was the courage that inspired me. Though, there were moments I felt I might lose, I always believed I was go- ing to win. I came to camp with a positive and vibrant mindset because deep within me, I knew I had the basic qualities. Without sounding cocky, I knew I was going to win (laughter).

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How did you get to know about the pageant?

I heard about the pageant through social media, that is Facebook, and my friends encouraged me to apply and I applied. Actually, this is
not my first pageant; I was first runner-up at Miss Elegant in 2016.

How long were you in camp?

We were in camp for about a week and it was quite hectic. There were lots of pretty and intelligent girls with awesome talent. And the tasks were quite challenging. Camp was a beautiful experience.

Were you intimidated by the other girls?

Not really. I was not, because this goes beyond facial beauty. It has a lot to do with what you have inside of you because real beauty radiates from the inside out. Courage, poise and carriage also count but I would say that every girl that made it to this stage this evening is a queen. It was by the grace of God that I won. However, I must confess that Miss Akwa Ibom could also have won tonight; she did give me a run for my money. I think she is a great girl with a large heart. My advice for her is that she should not be discouraged as her crown is just around the corner.

Who would you say you got your looks from, your mum or dad?

Both of them. I got the nose from my mum and my complexion from my dad. I look more like my mum but she is light complexioned.

At what age did you discover you wanted to be a beauty queen?

That was since I was 12. I was looking up to Agbani Darego; she is my role model. Her courage and confidence is inspiring. She believes so much in herself. She made Africa proud by being the first black woman to win Miss Universe. She is an epitome of style with great attributes. I remember how I would look into the mirror and catwalk, pretending I was Agbani Darego (laughter).

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You are going to wear this crown for the next one year, what will be your pet project?

I am looking at two areas. The first is basic education and literacy. The objective is to provide stationeries to public schools. The second is prevention of diseases. The objective is to create awareness about the number one killer of infants in Africa, which is malaria. We will create awareness about malaria and give out mosquito nets to indigent communities.

Tell us about your academic antecedents?

I am currently studying Business Administration at Augustine University, Epe, Lagos. It’s going to be hectic because I will be combining my activities as the Face of Prestige with academics.

Were your parents supportive?

I have the most loving and understanding parents under the sun. Yes, they have been awesome! In fact, they were here today encouraging and supporting me all the way. My entire family has been so supportive and my heart is overflowing with gratitude to them. That is why I am dedicating my crown to them.

Now that you are a queen, what is going to change about you?

I am aware that most people change when they become successful but the reverse is the case with me. It is going to be the same sweet Lizzy that my friends have known; nothing is going to change about me.

What do you have to say about the organisers of the pageant?

Aside the crown, I learnt a lot from the experience and I have become a better person. I wish the entire crew at Esquire Magic Media & Entertainment Company the best, especially Joseph Uche Ilogeme. I am grateful and can’t stop thanking him for this honour.

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What are your expectations?

The crown is a call to service, so I am ready to serve selflessly. I know there will be challenges but I am ready to take on whatever comes my way. I am very excited and expectant!

What are your fears?

I really don’t have any fears.

Was your boyfriend supportive?

Hmmm… that is a personal question and I think I should keep that to myself.

Now that you have a platform, any plans to go into acting?

That would be a great idea, but for the moment, I want to concentrate on my academics and my duties as the Face of Prestige Nigeria. Maybe, in a year’s time when I hand over to a new queen, we could talk about a career in acting.

What are your dreams?

My dream is to be a successful woman and influence my generation positively.



Ajiri Daniels :Sun News Online Team

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