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My son was moody Friday night. The cause was very obvious. Chelsea lost 1-2 at home in the English Premiership. Surprisingly, he managed to have his dinner. I would have thought he should embark on hunger strike.

Well, the loss by ‘his’ club, was the gain for the club now being fanatically supported by his sister who on account of marriage to an equally fanatical Liverpool fan left me as the sole backer of Manchester United.

In the circumstance, what should I have done? Should I have consoled my son for the loss by his favourite club, Chelsea? Or should I have rejoiced with her sister for the away victory by her now adopted club, Liverpool? Whatever the case could be, the loss by Chelsea, I thought last Friday, should be a gain for my Manchester United.

I expect a tougher challenge for the title from Chelsea. Any defeat of the challenger is a welcome development. My wife’s Arsenal also had a mouth watering 4-1 win at the weekend. I was not bothered. I know that Arsenal is not destined to win the premiership again until the club wins my heart.

appreciate the efforts of the readers to help solve the Premiership Palaver I am experiencing at home. Let’s the return match begin again.



  • Bros, I face the same dilemma in my house too. My amiable wife is an unrepentant Chelsea fan and my humble self a United supporter. She has successfully won my first son to her side of the divide. I thank God two are with me on this glorious journey. However, they are campaigning vigorously to win the baby of the house to their side. Funds and material items have been deployed to woo her to their side. We shall overcome.

–      James Okosun

  • Check out my own dilemma. I support Barca and Manchester United. My brother, Real Madrid and Manchester United, so sometimes we are against and other times for which we have managed well. My mom, Chelsea. My dad doesn’t even watch the game so he jokingly sides with Arsenal sometimes.

–      Oluwaseun King Sofoluwe

  • My candid advice to you sir is to join Arsenal for peace to return in your happy family.

–      Stone from Nnewi

  • Kunle, Hilarious and great write up. Kudos!

–      Erteka Oyo, NDDC, Port-Harcourt

  • For peace to reign at home, I advise you to call your children and also you to join your wife in supporting Arsenal FC.  The reason is because women are powerful. You may come back one day and discover that there is no food for the family.

–      Victor Kelechi

  • Good to hear from you and to learn of your family experience in football. Very interesting indeed! Well to me, it is very hard to advice in this matter.

–      Friday Ojo

  • I read your sorrow killer write-up. Though, APC has succeeded in making everybody looking sorrowful, with your write-up, I quickly forgot the mill in my head as I laughed uncontrollably. The best fun of football is gotten when we have different people supporting different clubs. Your family is simply doing the right thing. I love your family.

–      Ajayi E, Abuja

  • This write-up “Premiership Palaver” takes care of blood pressure and gives laugh nonstop. I really love it. My regards to your son and the youngest daughter for supporting my Chelsea. Up Blues! I’ll never forgive Man. U for what they did to Chelsea in 2008 European Champions League final in Moscow.

–      S. Okwuchukwu, Lagos

  • I love the feelings in your family. Oh, you said it is premiership palaver; otherwise I would have accused you of being unpatriotic as there was no mention of any Nigerian club side. Well, I love the sentiments being shared and I wish you could replicate that on our professional league platform. I have always argued that should we whip up similar passions for European football for our NPL, we may unwittingly, be marketing our flagship sport. Meanwhile, why the halt in the feedback platform of your column? Bring it back please.

–      Cliff Kalu Obia, Ohafia

  • I support your daughter who rightfully joins her husband in supporting the most successful English club in Europe, Liverpool. Surely her family will never walk alone. 

–      Thomas Goshi 

  • Greetings to your daughter and fellow supporter of Liverpool.

–      Bode Oyewole

  • The Blues fan in your family is the greatest football fan in your circle. Perhaps he is on his way to buying over the club from Roman Abrahamovich. Blues forever. The only true Blue just like the sky and the sea…

–      Desmond Ekwueme

  • Be autocratic and resolute, after all you are the head! O.Y.O. to you!

–      Sule Unekwuojo

  • The God given wisdom you have will see you through this dilemma no matter what anyone says. Keeps the good work.

–      Eric Asomugha 

  • Sir, your son and daughter who support Chelsea are awesome. You should be blessing them specially every day.

–      Salihu Ibrahim Mohammed

  • Let the beat continue. Carry go. Lol

–      Maxwell Kumoye

  • Football is nothing more than a game! There must be a winner and of course a loser. It should be seen as such! Congrats to sport loving family!

–      Kola Kuku

  • Interesting narration. You remain the oracle of sports writing.

–      Ade Ogidan

  • Port editor! Port! Join the other two! Paint the family Blue. That is the path to peace. Get My Drift? Blues, For Life! Hahahaha!

–      Ken Omovevah

  • My boss, just port to Manchester City. The sky is blue, happy holiday the king.

–      Fredrick Efole

  • I suggest the Chelsea option as the heir apparent has taken the wisest decision.

–      Oboh Mike

  • Use the achievements by the clubs. We are talking of premiership Kunle. Come on!!!

–      Emeka Odikpo

  • Just settle for Chelsea as family club and unify your house because your son is wiser in this case.

–      Mgbolu Austin

  • ·        Oga mi and Egbon mi sir, it is very simple. The wisdom of Solomon is still there, God will guide you sir.

– Adewale Emosu

  • ·        Did you support your son’s educational development to be dogged supporter of your likes and don’ts or to appreciate events and make his own independent judgments. Kunle don’t let me down. Hahaha!
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