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Re: Not yet Uhuru with cattle ranches

FG goofed

The Federal Government has erred by imposing the establishment of cattle ranches in 10 states. The decision, to me, is inimical and undemocratic. It is an economic waste. Those states should reject the imposition, just as Ebonyi State did. Let them establish it in the northern states to avert imminent danger and another civil war in the country.

– Bishop Uzoma Emmanuel, Owerri, Imo State., 08037748145


Govt has no business with ranches

Your article indeed x-rayed the true facts with the proposed ranches. The government has absolutely no business with ranching. If there are state governments that have agreed to ranching, let them, in conjunction with the people of those states, establish same but for those who do not want it, the government should not force or coerce the people into ceding their land for ranching, which is a private business. Your article should aid the government to make a U-turn and allow states and their people opposed to ranching to be.

– 07033054385


Ranches must be for the North

Cattle ranches should be located in the northern states, where herdsmen hail from

– Feyisetan Akeeb Kareem, Ogwashi Ukwu, Delta State, 08029309067


Ranching beneficial

Believe it or not, ranching is the best way to go. Most people, including yourself, are of the erroneous belief that ranching is only for herdsmen. It is a big business that can even employ some Fulani chaps and others. As a lawyer, I have a company client that is looking for 200 to 250 plots of land in any part of Igbo land for ranching. I am on it and from what I have seen from its plan, ranching is not for riffraff. It will employ various categories of both professional and other staff. It may have ancillary cottage industries attached to it. So, ranching has a lot of benefits.

–Dike, Esq. 08033072852


You can run ranch on your private land

Every state should embrace ranching as it is the way of bringing cows into the garikis that exist in all the states and local government areas, which encourages open grazing. This is because cows will still be led out in the morning to graze and return to garikis in the evening. Your portion of land in your village can ranch at least 50 cows. What you need to do is to provide a borehole and engage at least two boys to provide fodders for them. That’s ranching. It is not rocket science. Ranching is a good business that may involve every interested person and not the Fulani alone.

– Chijioke. 08155557864.


Thanks for your position

Thanks for your article. I wish I can send a keg of palm wine to you. Remain blessed with your mighty pen.

– 08033309919.


South East should embrace ranching

Please, advice the Ebonyi State government as well the other states in the South East to embrace ranching. They do not have to provide land to the Federal Government to do so, but they can encourage their indigenes to engage in it. More cows are bought and killed in the East, particularly, during Christmas than any other part of the country. Time will soon come when cows from the ranches will be preferred to those in the garikis or that move around for open grazing.

– Felix, 08082536441.


It can’t work
How do farmers acquire land for farming? How do motor spare parts dealers acquire shops for business? Nigeria! Nigeria!! Nigeria!!! How many times should I called you? Go ahead, use our oil money to acquire ranches for herdsmen when I serve, labour and save to start my trading business (Lamentation 3:37). It can’t work because God never commands it.

– 08030878755.


Re: Nigeria and blood on the Plateau

What is on the ground is that these herders are the army of occupation to Islamise Nigeria. Christian majority areas in Kaduna, Plateau, Nasarawa, Benue, Zamfara and every other places in North have been the targets. Miyetti Allah leaders should be arrested. The South South, South East and South West youths should drive herders away; that is the only solution.

– Chukwu, 08080484851.


What Buhari’s next 4 years’ll be

With these inexcusable killings, destructions, occupations of “conquered” territories will be Buhari’s further four years reign.

– 07035390254.


The evil herders do

Herders have been recalcitrant. They sell, rustle their cows only to turn around to accused the host community. They kill to cover their acts from the real cattle owners. They are also engaged in ethnic cleansing. President Muhammadu Buhari won’t do anything. That’s why the herders boast, issue threats and nothing happens to them. Has anybody ever been arrested? Or are we saying that the killers are not known or spirits?

– 08033212172.


We’re on the brink

I must thank and commend you for your consistent and patriotic write-ups on the killings in our nation. The leaders are either asleep or not listening. We
did not elect Buhari to just sit there and pay condolence visits and send irritating messages. We are on their brinks.

– Tony Adizua, 08034703666.


We shouldn’t expect foreign investors

What are our security agencies doing to stop these constant killings going on and perpetrated by so-called herdsmen and their sponsors? Who are those behind this ugly acts? Nigerians are tired of reading about condolences by our leaders. We need proactive action against the killers. If the killings continue we should not expect foreign investors in Nigeria. The presidency should overhaul security agencies for effective performance of their duties. South East governors and our leaders should be on watch for herdsmen.

– Gordon Chika, Nnorom. 08062887535

Tokunbo David :Sun News Online team writer and news editor

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