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Sit-at-home: IPOB storms Onitsha in road march

Jeff Amechi Agbodo, Onitsha

Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) took to the streets and roads of Onitsha, Anambra state on march to sensitize the public on the sit-at-home order it declared for Friday September 14, in protest against killings, arrests, and detention of members as well as against the Operation Python Dance 3 in the South-East.

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The group in their numbers, comprising Lion Squad, a security outfit of the organization, and other members with Biafran flags, including young men, women and children, marched as they chanted solidarity songs. The men of the group went mostly shirtless, while others wore singlets and red shirts and black trousers with traditional Igbo caps.

They marched through Upper Iweka, Iweka road to Main Market, describing their demonstration as as show of force against Operation Python Dance 3 in the region, insisting that the people remain indoors on Friday.

The group caused gridlock along Iweka road as vehicles coming from Modebe and Fegge or Main Market were held for some time before continuing on their journey.

IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB Emma Powerful said that the separatists “show of force” will continue in Asaba, Igweocha, Aba, Owerri, Abakaliki, Awka, Enugu, Umuahia and Orlu against the military Operation Python Dance 3.

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“The show of force in the whole Biafra land is to tell the saboteurs and those who intends to do so to understand that they won’t go scot-free. We are ready and prepared for the sit-at-home on Friday general strike against Python Dance and those who intend to work against us,” he said.

However, state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Mr. Haruna Mohammed, a Superintendent of Police, when contacted on the issue denied the IPOB sensitization march in Onitsha, saying:

“Onitsha and its environs are calm. For the avoidance of doubt, combined security forces are on joint patrols [with a] show of force presently in Onitsha,” the PPRO stated.

Meanwhile, a group known as Igbo Renaissance Forum has kicked against Operation Python Dance 3 in the Southeast as it said that the effect of Operation Python Dance 2 was still fresh in the minds of the people.

The International Coordinator of the forum Nze Ugo-Akpe Onwuka (Oyi of Oyi II) in a statement wondered why the federal government was aggravating the people of the South East.

Onwuka said: “As the intimidation and suppression continues, we want the international community to be aware that Nigeria has unfortunately descended into the dark and dangerous abyss of dictatorship and tyranny, and that the earlier there [are] concerted efforts from everyone to uproot it now before it grows tap roots, the best for everyone.”

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Tokunbo David :Sun News Online team writer and news editor

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  • Due to the God given nature of the Ibos, a nation larger in size and mentality than the present Nigeria is what we need. The igbos have excelled better in so many spheres of life both here and outside but none politically.
    The call for secession from Nigeria rather than seeking for a larger ecowas as one country is a gross failure of the igbos political class.
    They do not know how to play the card. They can not build bridges to rule. They lack all it takes to be in politics. As a matter of truth, most are products of 419 hence greed and selfishness is their politics.
    However, Nigeria leaders, mostly the current administration are sadistiically, dividing the nation as to benefit their home bases rather than the nation. It seems like the past administrations rode on the wheels of corruption while the present has added ethnocentric load to the backwardness.
    The so called operation python dance is only going to obliterate innocent men and women caught in the web of lies of both the igbo and the national leaders so as to justify the evil occupation of their leadership's posts.
    The leaders have no solution, their style resembles that of Gerneral Franco of Spain whose style still keep Spain a divided nation till date

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