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2019: Southern Adamawa has no Representation at the National Assembly – Rev. Binos

Binos said, “I am more qualified and ready to serve my people who have been in the eye of the storm for the last one year”

Billy Graham Abel Yola

A PDP stalwart and one time senatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) Binos Daura Yero, has slammed both the senator and members of the house of representatives from the southern Adamawa as failures who have failed to be the voice for the zone in the national Assembly in the wake of sustained killing spree by Fulani militia in the zone.

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Binos said, the zone has not been adequately represented by those elected to do so and if elected, he would champion the cause of the common man and defend the rights of people.

Binos, made the remarks, Friday, during the submission of his declaration of interest and nomination forms for the contest of the senatorial seat of the southern Adamawa state under the flag of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Yola, Adamawa state.

Binos says, he would bring his experience as a chartered accountant to bear in his role as a legislator representing southern Adamawa by ensuring probity, accountability and integrity in the awards and pursuit of government projects.

He explained that his background as an accountant and a Reverend pastor has given him the unique qualities of honesty, transparency and competence in handling public responsibility, qualities no other contestant in the zone possesses.

Binos said, “I am more qualified and ready to serve my people who have been in the eye of the storm for the last one year and there seems to be no representation for them at the National assembly.

“I have the pedigree and track record that makes me competent to represent this zone.

“I have sponsored several young men and women to further their studies and I have sunk boreholes in several communities, long before I ever thought of contesting for any political office but because I have always been that person committed to championing the cause of humanity.”

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“I will also like to call on our people not to allow money bags to dissuade them from choosing the right people to represent them.

“I am motivated to contest by the disappointment of the lack of representation of the zone because in the wake of relentless attacks in the area, I have never heard the senator or the members of the house of representatives from the area speak against the Killings, that is a shame and that is what I intend to correct when elected.

“Nigerians now know the difference, because when PDP was in power, the naira was just 190 or so to the dollar but with APC in power, we had to endure a time when a dollar was about 500 naira and even now it is about 350.

“They have destroyed our economy and it is time we take back Nigeria for Nigerians and restore our country back to the path of growth and development.”

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Tokunbo David :Sun News Online team writer and news editor

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